Immobilieninvestment, unser Kerngeschäft


Die Portfoliostruktur

Die Struktur des Investmentportfolios von Land Union ist zielgerichtet verteilt auf eine breite internationale Basis innerhalb ihrer Bürostandorte. Standort und Immobilienstruktur sind jedoch für jede Investition des Unternehmens von grundlegender Bedeutung. Land Union hält einen engen Abstand zu seinen Investitionsstandorten. Der Brennpunkt innerhalb jedes Standorts ist normalerweise auf einen kleinen Radius verengt. Diese Nähe ermöglicht es der Gruppe, über umfassende lokale Kenntnisse in Bezug auf erzielbare Mieten, reale Nachfrage und Preisstrukturen zu verfügen sowie das Unternehmen in die Lage zu versetzen, positive Beziehungen zu den lokalen Behörden zu pflegen.


Das Immobilienportfolio

Das Immobilienportfolio von Land Union umfasst Einzelhandelsgeschäfte, Wohnhäuser und Wohnungen, Hotels, Büros und innerstädtische Parkplätze. Jeder Immobilienbereich ist von unterschiedlichen Risiken und Chancen betroffen. Zum Beispiel sind Investitionen im Einzelhandel und in Hotels erwartungsgemäß zyklischer als Investitionen in Wohnimmobilien oder Parkhäuser. Daher ist es logisch, dass für das Gesamtportfolio der Schwerpunkt auf einer ausgewogenen Mischung der verschiedenen Immobiliensparten liegt. Es wird auch davon ausgegangen, dass die Wichtigkeit des Timings einen wesentlichen Einfluss auf die Berechnung der Risikowahrscheinlichkeiten hat.

Neues Portfolio RETAIL

Einzelhandelsimmobilien machen einen bedeutenden Teil des Portfolios aus, was zu einem großen Teil auf die historischen Wurzeln von Land Union zurückzuführen ist. Daher ist die Gruppe
zuversichtlich, in diesem Segment erheblich expandieren zu können. Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt dabei auf den Top-Standorten in jeder Metropole, in der die Land Union präsent ist.

Portfolio Verkauf

Einzelhandelsimmobilien machen einen bedeutenden Teil unseres Portfolios aus, was zu einem großen Teil auf unsere historischen Wurzeln zurückzuführen ist.

 Wir sind daher zuversichtlich, in diesem Segment erheblich expandieren zu können. Unser Fokus liegt auf den besten Lagen in jeder Metropole, in der wir präsent sind.

Portfolio Hotel

Land Union invests in hotel properties and operates them through its sister company Ming Hotels. The experience gained from hotel operations is invaluable in providing sound judgement for the acquisition and development of new hotels, increasing the probability for sustainable, long term income.

Land Union specialises in city hotels in the 3-star category ranging from 70 to 150 rooms. Only prime locations are considered. As a family-run business operating in a niche market, our hotels differentiate clearly from sterile large hotel chains; instead, we aim to offer thoughtful comfort, individuality, service, and experience

Portfolio Wohnimmobilien

The property segment with traditionally the lowest risk potential contributes to the group's portfolio by adding a balanced risk versus opportunity profile and comprises a stable portion of our total portfolio. The residential portfolio consists of existing buildings as well as new built and larger compounds. Land Union regularly purchases and develops residential properties to add to its existing stock. New residential developments are preferred to redevelopment of old buildings for their efficient layouts and reduced operating costs.

Due to the intense management needs, Land Union sets a minimum size of 25 units per building. With more than 1000 residential units in its portfolio, Land Union has plenty of experience in this segment which is characterised by its low risk and stable returns.

The group focuses on the higher market segment and frequently invests in its properties in order to maintain high standards and serve the long term continuity of returns. Tenants can trust a professional management team supporting their property.

Portfolio Büro

The preferred segment of large business institutions also enjoys a firm place in Land Union's portfolio. Land Union concentrates on prime central locations. However, in contrast to most institutional investors, we accept smaller unit sizes and medium standards.

Newly constructed office buildings are also considered. Credit rating and structure of tenants is secondary upon acquisition. Stress is solely on the potential achievable rents due to the office property's location and particular situation in the market. This approach allows our tenants a high flexibility and the possibility to react to a changed circumstance in demand.

Portfolio Parkhäuser

Parking is a niche segment the group specialises on in Calgary, Canada's booming oil-rich city. Its downtown is crowded with high rise office buildings, and as a result, is one of the best cities in North America for parking investments. It has the second highest parking rates in North America, surpassed only by Manhattan in New York City.

With a variety of single and multi-level parking buildings, and over 2,000 parking stalls in top city locations, Land Union is well-represented in this segment. Our parking spaces are managed in cooperation with some of the world's leading parking operators.

The segment is ideal with its low operational costs and steady cash flow. With prices of up to $100,000.00 per stall, the current possibilities for new acquisitions are limited.

Portfolio Acquisition

Land Union acquires existing properties, as well as development projects and available land. Purchase criteria are mainly location, property structure, and medium term potential. Only the prime central locations of the cities in which we are present are considered. However, no two cities are alike, therefore depending on the city our criteria may vary slightly for each property segment.

For investment properties, the key focus is on long term sustainable rents viewed in conjunction with the city's economic outlook. In contrast to most private and institutional investors, Land Union is willing and able to value complex developmental potentials which enable us to offer vendors an optimised sale.

For retail, all properties in A-rated locations or the established neighbourhood areas are considered. Land Union acquires existing hotels having 50 to 150 rooms with developmental potential, or alternatively, development sites.

If you are interested in offering to us your property for sale, please refer to our local offices to discuss the details of our acquisition criteria for our various property segments.

Acquisition Profile