Planning, Design, and Management


Bigger Picture Endless Possibilities

Land Union offers full planning and design services for companies of the group as well as for third parties. Our designers and architects keep in close contact with the other segments of the group in order to understand the impacts of planning, costs, and user specific requirements. For retail, residential, and hotel properties, our knowledge and experience is based on a wide range of past successful projects

Land Union looks at the bigger picture with respect to all projects and aims to view all angles and possibilities. Our goal is to find the ideal compromise between architectural requirements and costs and user-specific conditions to ensure the economic success of a project. The advantages of being able to tap into to the knowledge of the entire group at the design stage level are obvious:

• Improved structure for the end user
• Reduction of construction costs
• Reduced overhead costs
• Improved construction stages and reduced project time
• Avoiding the usual inefficiencies among project participants

For planning and design, our being local in all our investment cities supports us immensely in our understanding of local culture and history and in our dealings with the regional authorities, which serves as vital tools for the successful planning of a project.