Project Development


Risk Versus Opportunities

Project development is the most challenging discipline within the real estate market. It requires a broad spectrum of capability and experience. Local understanding and presence in the market as well as close relations with the local authorities, banks and brokers are relevant for successful developments. In a competitive environment, developments bring the opportunity for above average returns as long as the various risks are carefully assessed and factored in.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Land Union Group is perfectly positioned for this task and is able to use the competence of its various business segments to form the necessary synergy that supports a profitable outcome for each project. Through the decades, we have established qualified teams to handle the different projects in our portfolio, whether for a sale, as a service provider, or as a joint venture partner. Beginning at the very early stages of a development, we create qualified teams drawn from our different business segments for optimised results. In this way, the efficiency of planning for all participating parties is increased, costs are reduced, negotiations with the local authorities are supported and timelines together with development progress are realistically brought in balance.  Land Union offers its joint venture partners necessary experience and outstanding references, as well as the flexibility to adjust to particular structural circumstances