Global Perspectives


Prudent Judgement

It is important for a family business that traces over 100 years of history to make prudent judgements on future economic development in order to adjust our investment strategy accordingly.

The main trends count:

  • The world’s population continues to grow and along with it, demand for resources.
  • Established economies of the West show negative growth in population.
  • The West is suffering from economic pressure brought about by developing countries, which will continue to reduce the purchase power in First World countries, particularly among the middle class.


The investment locations of Land Union reflect this trend:

  • Canada, with its comparatively small population, has huge amounts of resources and steadfast political stability.
  • The Philippines, with its strategic location within Southeast Asia and its steadily rising English-speaking population, counts as part of the Top 10 emerging nations in the next 20 years, according to a study conducted by HSBC Bank. Its location in the world’s strongest growing region and democratic government with a highly-motivated and skilled labour force contribute to its positive outlook.
  • Europe’s growth will predictably be limited. However, its largest capital cities still offer opportunities and their own unique dynamics with Berlin, London, and Amsterdam continuing to show positive growth and stability.