The Group


The Land Union Approach
To Sustainable Business

With a global presence and competence in 5 office locations in 3 continents, Land Union can look back to its family tradition and take independent decisions for its core business — property investment — together with its associated companies and their competent teams to ensure long term growth and sustainability for the whole group ignoring short term trends while utilising the different market dynamics enabling the group to be aggressive on acquisitions in downturn cycles.

A Privately Owned Group

Land Union Group is a privately owned family enterprise that consists of 6 segments centred around the group’s core business – real estate investment. We currently pursue real estate investments in 5 international locations, focusing on long term, consistent returns using a balanced risk structure.
Our portfolio exceeds 1 billion Euros allocated by structure and geography among our 5 investment locations. The portfolio consists primarily of commercial properties in prime city centre locations with emphasis on retail, office and hotel properties.

The main business segments of the Group include Project Development, Asset Management, Construction, Planning and Design, Hospitality Operations, and Shipping. Each segment operates independently while benefitting from the Group’s overall experience and synergy to support its core business.

Together with its affiliates, Land Union employs 800 staff worldwide.

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